Viral Solidarity

Viral Solidarity is an open and collaborative wiki to map, connect and organize information channels, solidarity initiatives, innovation and social cooperation from local to global in response to the pandemic.

Viral Solidarity is not an island, but the map of an archipelago of solidarity communities, discussion groups, activation and civic, social and political cooperation. Viral solidarity is a collective action to map, connect and organize emerging practices.

Viral solidarity and cooperation

Viral Solidarity: Call to Action!

What it is and how to contribute

:!:(Work in progress: easy guides for everybody in the world to contribute with their local networks and sources are in preparation to make this wiki really international and intercultural. Eager to help in this? Join or stay tuned!):!:

SARS-CoV-2 (better known as coronavirus) is a global pandemic that is already causing severe social hardship, endangering the health and rights of the most vulnerable people, while at the same time questioning the basic structures of society: the protection of people's health and rights and the protection of the community.

In addition to government containment measures, thousands of cultural, scientific and information initiatives, solidarity and mutual aid actions, civic, social and political mobilisation campaigns, technological experiments and economic and logistical cooperation, local, national and international networks and coordination platforms have been set in motion to manage the effects of the pandemic, contain the damage to health and social rights, protect the most vulnerable people, build a social fabric of cooperation.

Indeed, the Covid-19 outbreak could be an opportunity to share and reflect collectively on issues and ideas, such as the need for a more collaborative, fair and inclusive economy or the possibilities to use different tools and ways of working, communicating and interacting with others.

We would like to create a space to host a wide collaborative mapping: for this reason we have created a wiki (a collaborative website) “ad hoc” to help map, connect and organize these emerging practices of solidarity and social/technological innovation, to stimulate collective attention and contribute to the circulation of these practices.

What we have in mind is something different from a simple infopoint (there are already many of them): but a sort of “open and collective observatory” accessible to all those who want to think and experiment with socio-technological practices and contribute to their circulation and connection.

Do you want to join Viral Solidarity?


Facebook group ing:


Viral solidarity can be a multifunctional tool:

* information menu to find reliable and useful information for anyone who needs it

* observatory to map and connect social initiatives and practices

* platform to give visibility to campaigns

* tool to facilitate the creation of new campaigns in other cities


Anyone can help update the wiki in different ways. Some possible actions:

* Build and co-manage the local page of your city

* Co-manage thematic and national and global pages

* Working back-end to fix and maintain the wiki, filter and organize the information and dataset

* Update the dataset

* Report initiatives and content

* Propose and organize actions

* Spread the wiki and find other contributors

To do this we are building a dataset with all the initiatives found in our social networks:… [provisional spreadsheet]

To coordinate the editorial work we are currently using a Telegram group (a chat similar to WhatsApp, which can be used by smartphones and PCs):

The initiative is completely OPEN: anyone can contribute by proposing changes and additions, collaboratively managing one or more pages or sections of the wiki, or feeding the discussion in groups; the few common sense rules to collaborate are respect for people and other people's work, collaboration and putting it into practice (propose, but above all do!). Obviously, no disrespectful content or attitudes (such as violent or fascist, racist or sexist content) or electoral propaganda or commercial advertising initiatives or for-profit private initiatives are allowed.

The information, organized by types, sections and geographical levels (global, national and local) serves to update the wiki pages.

Those who want to collaborate can propose to co-manage the local pages or thematic sections of the wiki, updating and integrating them, collecting information and suggestions.

The spread of the wiki depends on how many people will use and share it with their social networks, as well as the visibility that other media could provide.

That's why we appeal to everyone (activists, artists, scholars, social networks, committees, associations, collectives, cooperatives, organizations) to help build the wiki and fuel the viral growth of Viral Solidarity!

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