Pirate Care Syllabus


The Pirate Care crew has initiated a collective note-taking effort to document and learn from the organising of solidarity in response to the urgency of care precipitated by the pandemic of Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2). We explain the politics behind “Flatten the curve, gorw the care” in the intro. We have written the first round of notes, thoughts, protocols and propositions that reflect the experience of organising amidst outbreak and lockdown in Italy. Unlike the remaining topics in this Pirate Care Syllabus, this one is closely following developments that are unfolding. It is thus partial and provisional to the Italian, Croatian and British contexts from which we write.

We invite others to contribute to building a larger body of notes documenting solidarity in the time of quarantine. Please get in touch with us and propose practices you would like to document, you can reach us either here or through a number of other channels you'll find in the link.

Notes we have written so far include:

  • How to assist people in home isolation (and in Croatian: Kako pomoći ljudima u kućnoj izolaciji)
  • Through a feminist lense
  • Kids in quarantine (and in Italian: Bambini in quarantena)
  • Those who can't go home: prisoners, refugees and homeless
  • Conviviality without proximity
  • Mutual aid for those who have lost work
  • Coronavirus and the planetary environmental crisis
  • Tech and Science in the time of COVID-19

Join us!


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